What We Do

We evaluate, select, design, construct, install, and test combustion and air pollution control equipment
for distributed combined heat and power (CHP) systems and for improving performance and
environmental compliance of your industrial processes, utility boilers and combustion turbines.

CMCE seeks interest from industrial and commercial sites for the deployment of 100 k We
microturbine generators in CHP assembly. Match funds are available to support the cost of installation
while providing a cost-effective source of self-power generation with attractive return on investment

Contact us for all your conventional and renewable energy and air pollution control
engineering needs.
Recent Developments & News

  • CMC-Engineering's President, Carlo Castaldini, is a founding member of Leva Energy, Inc.
  • CMC-Engineering was awarded a contract with the Department of Energy (DOE) for the development of a Combined Heat and Power
    (CHP) system for the industrial and commercial markets. (May 2010)
  • CMC-Engineering was presented with the CHP Partner Greenhouse Gas Reduction Report for its contribution towards efficient domestic
    energy production (January 14, 2009).
  • CMC-Engineering was awarded three large CHP contracts from the PIER program of the California Energy Commission with a total value
    of $3.6 million. The awards will further the development  of microturbine-based CHP technologies and applications for California with key
    demonstrations in several industries and commercial sites. To receive more information about these new programs, please contact
  • CMC-Engineering will combine microturbines with industrial process furnaces to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions from industrial and
    commercial facilities in keeping with California’s regulations to address climate change and attainment of air quality standards.  
  • Developed a new microturbine combustor to meet CARB 2007 emissions standards
  • Evaluated biomass fuels for CHP applications
  • Advanced distributed generation technologies for industrial and commercial steam plants
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